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Towergirls Demon Knight by Elder-Thing
Towergirls Demon Knight
Actually did this a while ago, but updated the design recently. This one's for the knigth chart that spun off from towergirls, and is the only one of my designs so far that has gotten into an "offical" chart.
More Towergirls by Elder-Thing
More Towergirls
More towergirls stuff. Still unsure whether mentioning sex in text should warrant mature content.
Leech Princess came to be due to there happening to be a thread on /tg/ about making a race of leech-people for DnD.
Rock Princess because as a geologist I feel I was obliged to make one. I'm rather proud of the design, actually, with the random geology-related details (like the banded sedimentary rocks on her hair).
Towergirls by Elder-Thing
Towergirls has gotten a sudden resurgence on /tg/ lately. I like the artstyle and designs of various princesses, so I decided to contribute some fanmade princesses of my own.

Demon Princess is, of course, just a Towergirlified version of Zaran il Legio. Abyssal Princess is based on that drawing of a deep sea mermaid I did (I liked that designs enough that I wanted to reuse it somewhere).

I can't take all, or probably even most, of the credit for the pros/cons, dowries etc. as those were largely done based on feedback and suggestion of people on /tg/.

Also, I'm not sure if this counts as mature content or not, as while nothing explicit is show, sex gets mentioned.
Abyssal Mermaid by Elder-Thing
Abyssal Mermaid
Inspired by a thread on /tg/. Have I mentioned that I really like deep sea fish? They're just so weird and nightmarish, you can hardly believe they're real animals and not something made up by a very messed up horror writer.
Considering everything gets more bizarred and nightmarish the deeper you go, I think it's only reasonable to assume mermaids would not be exception.


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Petri K. Uuttu
I should probably write something in here...

Current Residence: Helsinki

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