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Tourmaline(?) in Suomenlinna, Helsinki by Elder-Thing
Tourmaline(?) in Suomenlinna, Helsinki
Was having a picnick wiht some friends on the rocks on the southern tip of the southernmost island in Suomenlinna, when I spotted this. What originally attracted my attention was a some small-scale folding visible in a layer of dark minerals, but I noticed that under it there were some large-ish black crystals that didn't look like the micas that usually make up most of the mafic minerals in granite. I believe they are black tourmaline, as I have a very similar-looking tourmaline crystal that I found in a pegmatitic granite in Kemiö (that one's niicer, though; you can actually see the hexagonal shape of the crystal in that one).
The rock itself is a granitic rock (granite, or maybe granodiorite) that has undergone some degree of migmatization. It's not nearly as coarse-grained as the pegmatites in Kemiö, so I was quite suprised to see this big tourmaline crystals in it.
Komatiite in Aurinkolahti, Helsinki by Elder-Thing
Komatiite in Aurinkolahti, Helsinki
The beach in Aurinkolahti has a small rock formation composed of komatiite; one of the very few in Finland and certainly the only one I can take the subway to see. It's not particularly impressive, really: no spinifex texture or anything like that is clearly visible, and to be honest I wouldn't be able to tell it from ordinary basaltic lava if I didn't know what it was. You can sort of see flow textures if you know what you're looking for though. This picture is from the rock face and covers and area about the size of my palm (I should've used something for scale, really) and was the closest thing to a proper spinifex texture I could find. The crystals are probably olivine, and are all pointing in the same direction (almost straight up/down, which I think is the position they crystallized in; there isn't any obvious evidence of folding in the formation). These crystals are likely formed as the extremely hot lava rapidly cooled down, causing crystals to nucleate and grow downwards from the quenched flow top.
Archon by Elder-Thing
Something 40k-related that isn't pictures of my models. Did this to practice drawing from a reference (I copied the pose from some random picture) and to serve as an illustration for a Dark Eldar NPC that will appear in the 40k RPG I'm GM:ing.
I know the background is very dull, but I figured it's better than just plain white.
Day Elf Princess by Elder-Thing
Day Elf Princess
The other elf princess from the fan expansion chart. Maybe I should do a full set, with the two from the original charts as well as the Twilight Elf.
Not entirely happy with how flat the drawing looks, but the costume was pretty difficult to do even from this angle.
Swooping Hawks by Elder-Thing
Swooping Hawks
Painted these as a comission to a friend. He wanted a colour scheme similar to one of the variants in the codex, with greyish armour instead of the baby blue. They'e painted fairly close to the way I painted Baharroth, exept the blue and white are darker.


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